Innovative Product for Sustainability
SCGP focuses on market backed research and innovation to deliver packaging solutions to serve its diverse customers' needs, while strictly following Circular Economy principles. Our manufacturing process is efficient and environmentally friendly. Our product function designs emphasizes ease of use, safety, prolonging the product shelf life, reusable and easily recyclable features, and economic value. We also drive innovations in the manufacturing processes across the supply chain starting from "Upstream" the use of innovative raw materials, fibers, and additives, then "Midstream" the mixture of paper and plastic materials for new packaging paper finally to the "Downstream" with the development of a variety of packaging products.

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Use innovative Nanocellulose-Fiber (Fortina), in the production process for increasing packaging paper strength. Regarding increasing tear resistance and bursting strength, the high-performance additive, Powerseries is applied with adopting modification technology and fiber engineering.


can increase paper strength by more than 30-50%, in replacement of long fiber; therefore, this Nanocellulose - fiber is a substitute long fiber that cannot be produced in Thailand, helps us decrease the of long fiber.


is a coated packaging paper type, especially for high quality and beautiful printing.


can serve the need of various industries that require industrial bags with high strength, elasticity, and tear - resistant properties.

Integration of three technologies, fiber alignment, paper-structure, and paper coating, to obtain extra strength and smooth surface properties can help printability clearer and fairer.


Environmentally friendly carton packaging is designed using lightweight paper to decrease pulp use while maintaining the same strength. It helps energy saving during transportation and lowers down the shipping costs with lighter packaging weight. Save Energy in carton box making around 42.35 Kilowatt-hours/ton. And decrease the use of paper as raw material by more than 25 grams/square meter of each product category.

The use of advanced material technology to develop flexible packaging made from multi-layer mono material. It is easy-to-recycled meanwhile, retains high protection and high impact resistant properties. And also, develop an innovative material, the Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP), to extend the shelf life of fresh food products, with its unique properties to control the vapor and oxygen permeability.


A Polymer packaging made from multi-layer laminated films, whereby each layer is comprise of the same material type, which allows for the ease of recyclability.


Smart food-packaging for controlling the spread of unpleasant odor that nuisance to other goods such as Durian stench or smelly pickle fish. With the results, these smell goods can be transported and displayed with others.


A Flexible Packaging Bag used to keep the freshness of fruits and vegetables lasts longer for consumption; it is better-served consumers' needs than ordinary bags.


A Packaging with Oxygen Absorbers can extend the shelf life of products as snacks, bakery, and food with fats and oil composition or easy stinky products.

This innovation adds many unique functions to paper packaging, such as preventing the penetration of oils and fats, withstanding freezing point, insulating properties, effectively protecting the goods containing inside and easily recyclable. Above all, it helps reduce the number of resources used in the production process.


It is produced from eucalyptus pulps from commercial forest plantations. The packaging is coated with film that can directly contact the foods; can be used for containing hot foods with water and oil components up to 130 degrees Celsius". More importantly, after using, the films can still be peeled off for recycling and the packaging can naturally be degraded within 60 days.


Paper packaging bag is made from natural fiber with its unique properties; high strength, heat-sealed without laminated film, recyclable and biodegradable.