"Employee Caring and Development"

SCGP realizes the rapid change in the fierce competition in today's business and diverse demand of customer needs. The Company, therefore, strives to develop employee competency to cope with current and future changes. Focusing on digital learning and self-learning promotes lifelong learning, so our employees can enrich their new knowledge and skills promptly responding to rapid change


SCGP has appointed committees and responsible functions to oversee employee learning at the organization level (Learning Council), at the business unit level (BU Academy Committee), and for each specific professional field (Professional Academy Committee) to take care of competency development for all employees


Implement the competency development system to evaluate employee competencies and develop employee performances, including career planning, to help the business grow and compete.
Create opportunities for employees' growth and advancement domestically and internationally through the Learning and Development Program, Succession Planning, and Career Development.
SCGP leadership development includes:
  • Develop SCGP leaders with attitudes, knowledge, and abilities to develop subordinates having more potential according to the approach of 70-20-10:
    • 10-Classroom training
    • 20-Coaching, mentoring, performance dialogue, reverse mentor
    • 70-Assigned projects for development or actual implementation
  • Assess the knowledge and leadership competency every year to find areas of improvement:
    • Core Value Leadership; the ability to lead and drive the value creation, and the organizational culture (Unbounded Way).
    • Talent Leadership; the potential and ability to be a future leader.
    • Role-Based Leadership; the abilities that leaders must possess based on their roles.
Ensure the employee-caring thoroughly and equitably for creating the organizational engagement.


100% of employees in Thailand
Receive the Competency Assessment and have an Individual Development Plan (IDP) on the Blended Learning 70-20-10 approach.
Extend the competency development system and the blendedlearning performance results to employees in Thailand and the countries where SCGP operates to develop employees at critical positions according to their succession planning.
Create career ownership in the talent group in Thailand by allowing them to design their career path and self-development scheme according to the specified career planning.
Develop Transformative Leaders and Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) to support SCGP's business expansion in the future, approximately three times the number of the increased workforce.
The Employee Engagement Rate of employees in domestic and oversea is

Performance 2021

The expense of employee - Training and Development in both domestic and overseas totaled
146 million baht
Shift the classroom training to online and e-learning during COVID-19 to create continuous learning with an average of training days per employee (excluding e-learning)
days per employee
The Employee Engagement Rate was based on the total number of employees in domestic and overseas
76 %
Talent Recruitment

The COVID-19 has forced many businesses to adjust to shifts in society and customer behaviors, including the trend of Work from Home and businesses need to adapt by using technology. The positive consequence, in addition to the ability for employees to learn and develop technology skills, is the organization also has the opportunity to allocate and plan a new workforce in accordance with future work patterns that focuses on planning to develop employees’ competency rather than increasing quantitatively.

Programs/ initiatives in 2021

  • Develops workforce planning for future manpower in terms of quantity, skills, and capabilities, based on business directions, strategies, needs as well as the current state of workforce, skills, and capabilities. Mid-career professionals with capabilities that SCGP cannot timely develop are employed to enable the business operation to keep up with the changes and to enhance competitive advantage. Moreover, the Company has begun adopting a competency-based recruitment approach in some areas to ensure employment appropriateness and be competitive in the labor market.
  • Determine Strategic Job Position in recruiting employees in accordance with business directions, strategies by using AI to help recruitment meet more needs such as AI resume screening, online interviewing, etc., that can meet the increased demand compared with the same period in 2020.
  • Human resource analysis both quantitatively and qualitatively in order to apply the results for employees recruitment such as
    • Planning to recruit talent employees in field of Innovation, Automation, Technology, and Digitization according to business directions and support future business operations.
    • Recruiting employees according to required competency by using online channels that reach new generations, expand social media accessibility to increase followers such as LinkedIn, Line ad and SCGP website.
  • Adjusting the employment model to be flexible (Gig economy), up to date and reduce unnecessary steps such as the adoption of block chains, etc.
  • The existing welfare and benefits have been redesigned on a mark-to-mark basis to ensure compatibility with the current employment environment especially, those in the fields of Digital and Technology, Data Science.
  • Taken advantage of digital tools in recruitment such as in online candidate assessment, interview, and in caring for new recruits. Digital analytics tools such as Google Analytic and Bitly, are also utilized to analyze activities involved in applicant selection and store more applicant information. SCGP has also joined hands with LinkedIn to enhance applicant data management.

SCGP has adjusted its strategies, accelerated its capability enhancement in line with its business strategies, and changed the learning format to suit the changing circumstances. SCGP is ready to cater to ever-changing learning behavior for the maximum benefits of the learners and has increased the proportion of digital learning to in-house learning. In addition, it has consistently strived to improve the learning experience of the employees.

Programs/ initiatives in 2021

  • Revised and added digital courses, as well as enhanced Learning Management System (LMS) to improve accessibility and deliver positive learning experience to employees at all levels.
  • Placing emphasis on hands-on practice and experience-based learning in the 70:20:10 ratio for maximum learning efficiency, SCGP has improved its programs and increased the proportion of learning. In addition, SCGP continuously develops employee development plans, with a committee of representatives from every business unit closely overseeing employee development.
    • 70: Assigned projects for development or actual implementation such as coaching, on-the-Job training and assignment.
    • 20: An intensive coaching system has also been instituted so that employees and their supervisors can seek learning solutions suitable for employees’ and the Business’ needs.
    • 10: Classroom training included one flagship program, namely the Business Concept Development (BCD), and 19 regular and future skill programs, namely Data Analytics for Business, Intelligence Ways to Create Idea Workshop, and Customer Insight.
  • Continuously develops employees through reskilling and upskilling with the focusing on future capability programs such as Changeable Mindset for Success, Find Out Why, and Business Strategy in VUCA World that cater to evolving needs of customers. Chief among the efforts include providing the Business Transformation Tool course, updating contents of the Flagship Programs in response to the changing business, and supporting the use of Learning Management Platform to enable employees to learn anywhere and anytime.
  • Supported master's degree scholarships to employees for further study at leading universities worldwide, enabling employees to develop their potential in their fields of expertise or business administration leading to the highest value organizational creation.
  • Arranges internal startup programs to build skills, capabilities, and a mindset of working like a startup, allowing employees to timely develop new businesses in response to customer needs.
  • Applying talent management to overseas businesses: With regard to talent management in Thailand, SCGP has revised its assessment criteria, organized virtual capability development programs, and formulated succession plans for Strategic Job Position and expand to overseas businesses appropriately.
  • HR Transformation Project: SCGP and SCG worked with external experts from Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) to improve its human resources management operations and introduced digital technology such as Robotic Process Automation (RPA), BOT, and AI, to enhance the operational efficiency of the staff and reduce operational costs.

Different analytics tools (PowerBI, data modeling, and predicting analysis) are used to perform manpower analysis and risk analysis for the purpose of employee retention. SCGP employs HR Analytics to conduct organization network analysis, which can help enhance the learning experience of employees and promotes the initiation of a human resource management policy that centers around meeting the needs of employees.

Programs/ initiatives in 2021

  • Conducted HR Analytic for groups of employees who are likely to resign in order to plan to enhance engagement for those groups of employees.
  • The Company has put in place a job value assessment process for the jobs at different levels in the organization and established a suitable remuneration structure that is competitive with other companies in the same industry or located in the vicinity.
  • A performance assessment system that is guided by fairness and equitability within the organization and takes into account communication between employees, their superiors, and the company of relevant expectations, action plans, and the organization’s shared goals. Remuneration is offered in the following forms: salaries, position-dependent work-related allowances, bonuses, variable pays, and other benefits.
  • SCGP has introduced flexible benefits as an alternative for employees. This new initiative, which places emphasis on the value of the employee and provides incentives that are personalized to each individual’s needs, not only promotes employee engagement but also respond to the new hybrid workplace effectively.
  • Support expression and association of diverse employees to increase the ability to create innovative ideas, good relationship and enhance engagement in the organization such as group of sports, music, travel, etc. Moreover, SCGP also participated in the SCG networking groups of women via online channel (Facebook) called SCG Sis to Sit to sharing knowledge and experience, a range of topics relevant to life during the pandemic and kept employees connected.
  • Redesigned the facilities in its offices to create co-working spaces and collaborative zones and provided ergonomic office equipment and furniture such as desks and chairs, internet allowances, to support the new-normal style of work.
  • Provide long-term benefits for employees include provident funds, financial management courses, healthcare, retirement preparedness programs, and retired employee clubs, all of which ensure that employees have a good quality of work life and have retirement plans that guarantee their financial stability and health.
  • SCGP has educated employees on healthcare, virus prevention, and daily conduct during the COVID-19 pandemic. SCGP has also put in place an employee monitoring system and provided weekly COVID-19 situation updates through various digital channels.
  • HR Digitization: SCGP has transformed its work environment into a digital workplace and provided equipment and tools that enable remote work to enhance interactions between employees and maintain engagement, as follows:
    • Employee Connect Application: Personal data management, leave and OT requests, welfare and benefit management. In 2021, new features have been added, including daily health checkups for COVID-19 screening, vaccination records, seat reservation in the office, etc.
    • HR Operations: Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is implemented to reduce process time and redundant tasks and to support remote work through features such as e-Signature, virtual meeting tools, report summaries, transaction records, and reimbursements. The power app is used to track the status of operational activities.
    • Performance Management System: Success factors have been employed to improve the performance management process, from formulating KPIs to monitoring performance and recording consultation sessions in a digital format.
    • PowerBI Dashboard: The dashboard is utilized in the analysis of HR KPIs and employee data such as manpower management and resignation. The data can also be submitted to the management via the dashboard.
    • Talent management and succession planning: A talent portfolio is used via an e-Platform to gather talents’ profiles for the consideration of career management in the future.
  • Places importance to employee engagement by carrying out a corporate-wide engagement survey and using the results to implement changes to retain employees which are the Company’s valuable assets.

SCGP adheres to the business philosophy “Belief in the value of individual” and continuously gives precedence to its employees who are valuable resources of the organization. SCGP has the policy to take care of employees working conditions and welfare corresponding to their work, life, social environment, and good practices of the other leading organizations. Working conditions and welfare cover from working life start till their life after retirement.

Flexible working hours: SCGP regulations allow SCGP to assign flexible working days and working hours according to the nature of work of working positions as appropriate and SCGP also allows each company to define flexible (overlap) hours to start and finish work within the entity as necessary in order to support the need of its employees.

Job revisit and redesign: Since 2020, SCGP has implemented job revisit and redesign considering dimensions of both employee workplace and working hours and formed jobs into 4 groups;

  • Job group that has to work on-site and permanent full time
  • Job group that has to work on-site and could be able to assign flexible working hours or part-time work
  • Job group that could be able to work outside and permanent full time
  • Job group that could be able to work outside and could be able to assign flexible working hours or part-time work.

The result of job revisit and redesign makes the various form of working in SCGP either working-on-site or working-from-outside or working-from-home, either working permanent full time or flexible working hours or part-time working options. However, the form of working is depended on the nature and necessity of work that has been appropriately considered by each business/ company.

Working-from-home arrangements: As the result of having some job groups working-from-home, SCGP arranges its support and necessary facilities for its employees in several things starting from providing an online meeting and communication system, contribution on necessary working furniture, working stationary, internet network expense, the mobile application for daily work report, etc. In addition, during the COVID-19 situation, SCGP has also provided antigen test kits for employees working from home.

Holiday and leave: SCGP provides weekly holidays, traditional holidays, and vacation leave holidays. SCGP regulation provides traditional holidays and vacation leave holidays to its employees over than the legal requirement. For leave, SCGP provides sick leave, sick leave caused by work, sterilization leave, personal leave, military order leave, training and development leave, parental leave, monkhood leave, traveling abroad leave, and family care leave according to company regulation.

Paid parental leave for primary and non-primary caregiver: SCGP provides paid parental leave either for primary or non-primary caregiver. Employees can take leave for 90 working days and SCGP pays for 90 days which is over the legal requirement.

Paid family or care leave: SCGP provides paid family or care leave for male employees who wish to taking care of his wife or his child. In addition, employees can request personal leave or vacation leave for the purpose of this family or care leave.

Medicare: SCGP provides medical welfare to its employees including their families and their parents. Medical welfare covers both in and outpatient cases and also covers dental care. Employees can apply for medical welfare at government medical services, private medical services, and company-own healthcare services.

Having child benefits: SCGP has the policy to take care of its employees when having their child and provides cash allowance benefits for its employees when they have a new child according to company regulation. SCGP also has the policy to support childcare facilities or contributions. Each company or business could be able to provide childcare facilities or contributions as appropriate considering its area, the number of children, and the need of its employees. In addition, SCGP also provides breast-feeding/lactation facilities in the building or area of each company or business in order to support and facilitate its employees.

Benefits after retirement: SCGP provides welfare and benefits to its retired employees; provident fund benefits, medical services at company-own healthcare, training on how to have a better life and how to manage their financial and investment after retirement, and a “retirement employee club” for creating their relationship, activities, and engagement.

Wellness program: SCGP provides a free of charge online counseling services from iStrong, a privately held company that offers mental health services solutions to support employees from daily stress to mental health problem and to strengthen the abilities of individuals because SCGP belief that a healthy mind is the key to success in life and work.