"Community Engagement and Development"

SCGP adheres to conduct socially - responsible business together with community and social development for sustainability. We begin with building awareness and fostering community involvement to increase self-reliance capability, utilize SCGP's knowledge and expertise, including collaborations with other sectors to support community development.


SCGP has announced the Stakeholder engagement policy and Stakeholder engagement guideline for engagement with a focus on creating long-term value to all stakeholders. We also enhances skills and knowledge development for employees working on community-relations activities and organize learning activities by sharing working experiences among different factories resulting in idea exchange and increase their social activities performances. The community-relations staffs have to submit the activity report to The Community Relations Committee for consideration regularly.

Furthermore, SCGP made social contribution annually on different type of philanthropics to assure community and society is capable and resilient to manage with problems sustainably


Utilize both SCGP expertise and external specialization to care for society.
Foster employee engagement with relevant stakeholders to create sustainable value for society.
Develop innovation that responds to the community's needs and solves social issues.
Develop a community model and scale up the model achievement to other community networks.


Community Satisfaction Index
Community Satisfaction Survey
SCGP has regularly conducted a community satisfaction survey in the communities nearby five factories located in Ratchaburi, Kanchanaburi, Prachinburi, and Khon Kaen Provinces in 6 dimensions: economic, environmental, social, physical, management, and public relations

The community satisfaction survey results in 5 areas in 2021 (Business Unusual) accounted for 89 percent from the target of 90 percent (Business Usual). However, the 2021 survey results were higher than the base year value of 2016 at 52 percent satisfaction.

Performance 2021


Community Satisfaction Index
Social contribution
  • 59.5 million baht contribution
  • 29 million baht value of goods and services contributed to society
  • 2 million baht equivalent from employee’s involvement in CSR activities


career development centers in communities


ommunities implementing zero waste community development “Like (No) Garbage”


units of check dam


trees for reforestation


million cubic meters of treated water for agricultural projects

Approach for implementing social development project

SCGP formulates the following four strategies by considering the characteristic of projects and SCGP’s involvement, taking into account the competency and capacity of the organization in terms of knowledge, capital and collaboration.

1. A role model for sustainable social development

To tangibly solve the problems of Thailand and emerge as a project model for other companies to replicate, SCGP is involved from the first step of problem diagnostics, developing a work plan, and participating in implementation process until the objectives are achieved.

2. Capacity building and improving the quality of life by specialists

For problem solving or to raise the quality of life of people in the society, tapping into certain kinds of expertise or specialization, SCGP may take part on selected issues, and outcomes can be built upon or scaled up.

3. Capacity building and improving the quality of life, with Employees’ Involvement

To raise quality of life or build the capacity in different aspects of the society, whereby SCGP employees participate in driving the projects until achieving successful outcomes that are then replicated elsewhere.

4. Alleviation of social situation and suffering

To do relief work when the society faces pressing problems, and contributing to better quality of life of the people, by supporting organizations with proven track records in doing philanthropic and public service.