Forestry and Biodiversity

SCGP has strong determination to maintain the ecosystem's balance by managing biodiversity and ecosystems according to the community's sustainability and conservation. We have been applying international indicators to benchmark our operations, intending to be a role model in biodiversity conservation.

Sustainable management of biodiversity benchmarked to international indicators.
Be a role model of biodiversity conservation and extend the effort to other areas.
Engage communities and stakeholders on the cause of biodiversity conservation.
Manage the use of community forest areas with participation under the principles of the Community Forest Areas.


Having biodiversity conservation area certified
10% of agroforestry area
(480 Hectares)
by FSCTM (License code FSCTM-C135609) standard of at least
No net deforestation

2021 Performance

Having biodiversity conservation area certified
12.9% of agroforestry area.
by FSCTM standard at least
Having biodiversity conservation area certified
3,542 rai
by FSCTM standard
Progress towards No net deforestation
Monitoring operations in accordance with laws and standards.

SCGP sets targets and operates in line with “No Net Deforestation” throughout the supply chain, which covers SCGP operations is covering Supplier in tier 1 and Non-tier 1 in order to monitor executions and ensure that Biodiversity execution complies with Thai and international laws/regulations and standards, therefore SCGP has defined monitoring guidelines as per following:

  1. Internal : Setting up of FSCTM Management Committee in order to set execution guideline to be in line with policy strategy, and standard of forestry and biodiversity topic, especially FSCTM Standard.
  2. External : SCGP undertakes annual verification process by third party as follow;
    2.1 Forestry Research Center : SCGP will be assessed in term of species, plants, animals according to the status of registered by the IUCN Red List (2011) and classified status by the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora-CITES. ) highlighting the essence of the Convention for the Control of Exports and Imports or the commercial transfer of plant and animal species listed in Lists 1, 2 and 3 of the Convention for further compliance with the requirements.
    2.2 FSCTM : SCGP will be assessed in form of executions and performances in accordance with the FSCTM Standard and cooperated with the communities to monitor and find measures to prevent operational risks
Quarry The Community Forest of Huay Saphan Samakee Kamphaeng Phet Forest Park Somchai Forest Park***
Area 336 Hectares 148 Hectares 18 Hectares
Type of Trees 65 Species, 51 Genera, 27 Families 101 Species, 77 Genera, 33 Families 100 Species, 74 Genera, 30 Families
Biodiversity Index of Trees (Shannon-Weiner Diversity Index) 2.88
Type of Animals 81 Species 103 Species 98 Species
  • Mammals
20 Species 15 Species 13 Species
  • Reptiles
19 Species 20 Species 7 Species
  • Amphibians
9 Species 12 Species 7 Species
  • Birds
33 Species 56 Species 71 Species

*** Conservation areas expanded in 2022

SCGP Operation Sites vs Thailand Protected Area

SFT is subsidiary of SCGP

GRI EN11: High Biodiversity Value Thailand’s Protected Area

  • Wildlife Sanctuaries
  • National Parks
  • Forest Parks

SCGP has no operation sites located in globally or nationally important biodiversity area, including Thailand’s Protected Forest Area such as Wildlife Sanctuary, National Park or Forrest Park announced by laws

Metrics used to measure impact on biodiversity
Sites Exposure Assessment Management Plan
Site name BU Location Areas(Hectares) National Reserved Forest World Heritage areas and IUCN category I-IV Protected area Baseline study/ Impact Assessment Mitigation & Monitoring
Siam Forestry (SFT) SCGP Wangsala, Kanjanaburi 1,886(11,788.5 rai) No No Scope : Agroforestry Area Impact Assessment
  • Plant and Animal no impact
  • HCV level 5* : The community need
  • Monitoring of diversity species status
  • Consider implementing biodiversity offset activities by considering
    (1) New or expanded protected areas or
    (2) Improved management of existing protected areas
Encourage Projects with Partners
Partner Cooperation Activity
Forest Stewardship Council - Provide advice and knowledge to development of the FSC standard system in the company continually
Forestry Research Center ,Kasetsart University - Survey, study and research for long-term on biodiversity & ecosystem conservation and biodiversity management.
Faculty of Forestry ,Kasetsart University - Support the experts about biodiversity management to give advise, knowledge and consult to the company.
Thai Forest Ecological Research Network ,Kasetsart University - Monitor and give research knowledge in Long-term about conservation of biodiversity and ecosystems to company in order to develop Ecological Research
Forest resource management office, Royal Forest Department - Promote conserve natural resources activities in the agroforestry area