Product Stewardship

SCGP integrates the Product and Service Safety Policy as part of the Quality Management System, following its responsibilityfor damage caused by the unsafe product ( Product Liability). The effectiveness of the implementation through the qualitymanagement system reviewed by the Committee of each company which covers from Product Hazard Analysis (PHA)at every stage from product manufacturing, transportation, storage, use, and end-of-use, leading to deficiencies preventionplanning from the design, manufacture, and preparation of warning labels according to international standards to be moreeffective. As well as provide response measures in analyzing management, Investigating complaints and emergencies torehearse the readiness to deal with actual complaints and emergencies. It also includes knowledge and training to relatedparties regularly and assessing operation effectiveness through continuous internal and external audits of the ISO 9001system. As a result, in the year 2021, there were no significant complaints of health and safety violations both from theuse of consumer products, product, and service information on product labels or advertising materials from consumers,also no fines cases from non-compliance with laws related to the use of SCGP products and services.


Adopted the innovation oriented approach in developing products, services, and solutions that meet consumers' needs, enhance well-being, take the impact of climate change, the Circular Economy principles, and generate new business opportunities into account.
Develop business processes throughout the value chain according to international standards.
Considered the impact of products, services, and solutions on the environment and product safety throughout its life cycle
Focused on products, services and solutions which directly benefit to customer.


66.7% (2/3) Sales Revenue of SCG Green Choice

Products Services and Solutions of total
Sale Revenue in 2030

33.3% (1/3) Sales Revenue of SCG Green Choice

Products, services and solutions provide directly
value to customers of total sales revenue in 2030

Product Safety Control

SCGP has the Product and Service Safety Control for customers and stakeholders' safe use by assessing the product safety risk impacts on safety, health, and environment throughout the product life cycle, including providing Product Safety Information for informing the stakeholders.

Chemical and Hazardous Substance Management

Target 2021 : 100% of Thailand companies were compliant with REACH Regulation (Annex XVII and substances of very high concern (SVHC) for Authorization)

SCGP adheres with the use of chemicals in accordance with local and international standards of chemical laws and regulations, such as the list of hazardous substances According to the Ministry of Industry, REACH (Registration Evaluation Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals), ROHs (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) and other hazardous chemicals laws and regulations, as well as those standard and requirements required by supplier, ensuring that SCGP products and services are safe throughout the Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) taken careful consideration of all chemicals and related products.

SCGP executes its operation in line with SCG Environmental Framework containing guideline on chemical and hazardous substance as follow;

  1. The organization shall understand and fully comply with the applicable legal requirements on chemical management.
  2. List of chemicals used by the organization shall be compiled, containing the name, classification, method/place of storage, and estimated stored volume of each chemical.
  3. Hazardous substances shall be identified, and prohibition on the use of hazardous substances defined by law and regulations shall be clearly displayed.
  4. Material safety data sheets (MSDS) on all chemicals used by the company and related products shall be promptly accessible.
  5. Having procedures, in line with internationally accepted practices, for the management of chemicals and onsite material storage that prevent the leakage to the environment, protect employee from exposure to chemicals, and reduce waste generation shall be presented in area where chemicals are used.
  6. Conducting of chemical handling and material storage in accordance with defined procedure shall be strictly exercised, such as store oil and chemical in area having secondary containment for protection of oil and chemical spill.

SCGP is also aware of the risks on environment, operators and customer health from the use of chemicals by strictly follow-up and checking of raw materials and chemicals and hazardous substances usage. Moreover SCGP focus on reducing, limiting and eliminating the use of chemicals and hazardous substances that may affect the environment and the safety & health of employees and customers, while providing information on final disposal of the product appropriately.

In 2021, there was no nonconformity case related to violation of safety and occupational Health laws as well as no case related to violation of product labeling and marketing communications.

SCGP has disclosed the MSDS of products to customers and people who want to receive data

Sustainable Packaging

Health & Hygiene I Convenience
Shelf life extension
Quick & Easy
Fest E-commerce I Food delivery
Shelf life extension
Quick & Easy

Flexible Packaging which made from a multi-layer laminated film of which each layer is a polymer of the same type (Multi-layer mono-material). Through the application of R1 and R1 Plus technology; the packaging can protect the product and withstand high impact, including its recycling ability to be plastic pellets and other materials. It helps the circulation of renewable raw materials back into the system.

R1 Sustainability

Co-creation with leading MNCs & national brands

SCGP – Inspired Solutions Studio
  • Customized unique design and outstanding solutions to enhance customers' brand
  • Incorporate Circular Economy into the products and services
Enhance the solutions with High-Quality team
  • 35+ Professional Designers
  • 90+ Researchers & Developers
  • 500+ Sales & Customer Service Team