Air Emission Management

Concern for employees' and communities' health surrounding the factories, SCGP establishes a stringent Air and Odor Emission Management Policy. The process starts from controlling pollution at the source, reducing the amount of air and odors emissions together with regular surveys and measurements of them, and bringing the obtained data to analyze for developing a better environment, including continuously upgrading the reduction and measurement technology


Set Air Emissions targets according to the same business group's international guidelines that do not exceed the values specified by law.
Apply the best available Air Pollution Management Technology by controlling both pollution sources and release points and continuously monitoring air quality.
Encourage regular participation in air pollution management with communities and stakeholders.


In 2025
Reduction of air emissions per production compared with the base year 2020 both Thailand and abroad
In 2030
Reduction of air emissions per production compared with the base year 2020 both Thailand and abroad

2021 Performance

Reduce Specific Dust
Compared with the base year 2020
Reduce Specific Sulfer Oxide (SO2)
Compared with the base year 2020
Reduce Specific Nitrogen Oxide (NO2)
Compared with the base year 2020

Odor Pollution Management

SCGP establishes a policy on odor pollution management from source by installing an air pollution treatment system, biological treatment systems, etc. for example Wet Scrubber and Bio filter. And reduce the amount of odor from waste by Sludge dryer installation and preparing Odor Mapping to control the odor pollution nuisance in the communities around the factory. We regularly survey and measure odor around the neighborhood, continuously analyze the obtained data to improve the odor environment, and always pursue developing odor pollution reduction and measurement technology.

In 2021, the Innovation and Technology Development Center and Technology and Digital Platform Department of SCGP co-invented and manufactured the innovative DOM: Detect Odor & Monitoring to measure and monitor air and odor pollution. This innovation was successfully awarded the National Innovation Award 2020 in the Product and Service design category. They worked jointly with the Siam Kraft Paper, Thai paper Factories at Ban Pong District, Ratchaburi Province, and the factory at Wang Sala District, Kanchanaburi Province, to install DOM. It has been effectively used with high efficiency. Thus, SCGP continues replicating this success to other SCGP factories.

Wastewater Treatment

SCGP treats all effluent from the production process before releasing it into the environment. This is through the regular monitoring of treated water for quality analysis at the internal effluent value setting to ensure that is equivalent or superior to the legal limit before discharging to the natural water source, to the Industrial Estate's wastewater treatment system or to the farmers for agricultural usage. Other efforts includes investments towards new processes and technology for enhanced efficiency of wastewater treatment, and encourage working staffs to attend all environment-related trainings to consistently obtain new knowledge / technology

SCGP selected the high-efficiency water treatment technology by installing an anaerobic treatment system in factories both in Thailand and abroad. The technology has reduced wastewater contamination before entering the aerobic treatment system, so it helps to improve the process efficiency. In addition, it can reduce energy use while producing biogas as an alternative fuel for steam and electricity generation