Customer Relationship Management

SCGP proactively works and quickly manages customer relations by implementing a Customer-centric strategy by working closely with customers, clearly understanding their problems, increasing capability to develop innovations to offer solutions that meet each customer's unique needs. In addition, to the ever-changing consumer behavior with diverse requirements, SCGP provides the total solutions for their convenience and creates good customer- experiences withcreativity.


Foster B2B collaboration, leading to stronger B2B2C.
Engage with the Consumer Group (B2C).


of total customer satisfaction
Risk and Opportunity in 2021

SCGP had consistently provided customer services throughout the COVID-19 pandemic by increasing the hygienic measures to ensure safety for customers, employees, and business partners, such as spraying alcohol on products, 100% of employees and transportation contractors taking ATK tests, Bubble and Seal measure in the factory for ensuring SCGP products delivery to customers continuously. In the view of responding to customers’ requirements due to the rising demand for hygienic products and online purchases, SCGP had made adjustments through product development such as packaging in medical products, food packaging (Food Contacted grade - paper) and offering food packaging for serving the groups with increased demand such as the group of Taking - away, Delivery, and Hospitel.

In addition, SCGP upgraded customer service by delivering thermometers and alcohol spray to customers and supported SCGP paper field bed – a social innovation made from 100% recycled paper to help COVID-19 patients and medical personnel. As well as supported photocopying paper to 22 vaccination service points, delivering Fest Food Safety Packaging to hospitals, field hospitals, and 16 COVID – patient care agencies across the country. Due to the shipping crisis, SCGP continually increased the flexibility in shipping products to export customers.

In the case of the container and shipping crisis, the Company closely coordinated with customers to adjust the INCOTERM according to the situation and limitations of shipping lines in each country

Our past value creation to customers

  • Used a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system to record the essential customer information that is up-to-date and connected to customers' needs in many dimensions to offer products and services beyond customer expectations.
  • Developed automation in prompt informing of customers-order-status when needed to increase the convenience and speed of data transmission and reduce repetitive work processes and time

Used Robotic Process Automation (RPA) technology in Export Ordering to reduce unnecessary repetitive work processes and customer-order processing time

  • Developed an application platform for real-time tracking customer delivery status using GPS technology through mobile devices. Also, extend the management of electronic documents in goods delivery (e-POD) to reduce various transaction processes for customers processing faster and more conveniently. It is expecting completed by early 2022.
  • Organized the screening process of COVID-19 every 14 days for 100% of all truck drivers following the Control and Disease Prevention Measures to increase customer confidence of SCGP's truck drivers that have no risk of infection spreading to customers.
  • Siam Kraft Industry Co., Ltd. Developed a payment system so-called the Payment Gateway - a website that enabled customers to pay for goods and services from their bank accounts, which helped reduce banking transaction - time and view invoice details from the website.
  • Invenik Co., Ltd. has started selling Almind, Hollis products on Facebook, e-marketplace including Shopee, Lazada, NocNoc, SCGHome, and distributed to modern trade retailers such as Office Mate so that consumers can access products more conveniently.
  • Thai Paper Products Co., Ltd. Has adjusted the inventory management in the part of e-marketplace, Shopee, Idea official shop, using experienced 3PL to provide professional product arrangement and retail delivery service.
  • Thai Paper Products Co., Ltd. Has developed a Dealer management system to co-work with dealers for better efficiency.


SCGP has collaborated with customers to develop complete solutions for food packaging, starting from Flexible packaging for products packaging, Carton packaging for product display, Corrugated box packaging for shipping, and Product labels. With a suitable material selection, beautiful design, high-quality printing, and manufacturing processes, SCGP enhances customers’ brand image. Also, it reduces the redundancy and time in usual processes required for communication with many affiliates of SCGP. The collaboration strengthens the relationship and revenue for both businesses.


SCGP conducted a customer satisfaction survey by sampling customers covering all industry groups, both domestically and overseas. The Company allocated the number of sampling customers according to the proportion of their purchasing volumes, divided into three levels, Platinum, Gold, and Silver, to obtain information from all customers’ levels. SCGP specified the sample size at an acceptable standard deviation, not greater than 5%. The Company’s overall satisfaction in 2017 was 80%, 2019 was 80%. The survey in 2021 will be conducted in 2022.


In 2022, there will be an SCGP- Customer Service Center for customers to access with only one telephone number for every product easily. Adding the Function Privilege for customer convenience to direct contact with customer service personnel without passing through the IVR System helps avoid missing calls from customers. There is also a management system to distribute all customer calls to responsible customer service personnel simultaneously with the clearly defined service standards of answering calls and calling back. In this regard, each product group is also managed with the Dashboard Reporting system to create customers’ confidence in receiving consistent, prompt service. In addition to answering phone calls with audio, a LINE Official SCGP Contact is another channel for customers to contact customer service personnel by messaging each other directly. It is an additional channel for customers with much quicker access.